All In Tree Service of Canton

All In Tree Service of Canton

All In Tree Service of Canton

The Most Trusted Tree Service In Canton

All In Tree Service of Canton is your one-stop shop for anything tree related! Whether you need emergency service, pruning or trimming of trees in the yard, full removal of a dead/dying tree to make way for new growth–we’ve got you covered. 

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Enjoy 100% FREE stump grinding when you purchase qualifying tree removal, tree trimming, or other arborist services!

*Offer Valid On Qualifying Service Purchases of $2500 or More.

Safety Oriented

With over 15 years of climbing experience as well as expertise in arboriculture, we want you to rest assured knowing our professional opinion on the safest way for us to prune or remove your trees without compromising their health.


We've been providing quality tree-related services to Canton for nearly two decades. Competitive pricing and a personal touch make us the easiest choice in Canton when you need someone fast and trustworthy!

Quality Driven

All In Tree Service of Canton is a tree service that cares deeply about your yard. From the start, we’ll work with you to create and maintain it: from trimming trees to keeping weeds under control and removing debris after storms or construction projects while also dealing with any landscaping needs like mulching or planting flowers.

All IN Tree Service Of Canton


With 15 years experience climbing tall oak trees with chainsaws high up in the branches while balancing on rope straps secured around each limb (yes these guys are THAT good!), we have found that our main priority should always be safety. We want all customers to feel comfortable trusting us when they call upon us as their local arborist professionals who can safely take care of any job big or small by using specialized equipment such as bucket trucks and cranes.

Our Services

Our team of tree service professionals is committed to making you happy and satisfied. Whether it's a fallen limb or an entire clearing, we'll be there for your call at any time!

Your family is your world. We believe in giving you the best care possible, so we recommend preventative maintenance as a way to ensure that everything stays safe and sound around your home. With today’s busy lives, it can be hard to find time for important projects like tree removal but don’t forget: dead or dying trees are at risk of falling on top of anything they encounter! 

If this has happened once before with another storm, just imagine what could happen if one were to strike again without all the necessary precautions taken beforehand?

Some people might look into full tree removals because they think removing only half will do the trick; however when winds pick up those few branches left standing may not hold out against them

Trees are incredible parts of the landscape that we can’t live without, but they require a lot of care! When our team arrives to your area for service, they work hard and with expertise to ensure trees stay healthy. 

Not only do we remove branches from in front on your home or business property; sometimes it’s necessary for us to cut down an entire tree if its limbs pose too much danger. Our experts provide affordable services while ensuring safety is always maintained as well- this ensures you have peace of mind when doing any yardwork around those beautiful plants!

“What kind of care do you want for your trees?” is the question we ask ourselves when considering how to best take care of them. We don’t just climb up and hack away at limbs, because that would be irresponsible! 

Besides damaging their branches and causing hazards on a property’s roof or windows, it could also mean they’ll start dying off from this abuse. Instead our specialists use safe climbing techniques so as not to harm those precious leaves – in other words: no dead limbs!

We’re here to help you love your trees like we do! We’ve got the skills and equipment necessary for climbing them without damaging their branches. You’ll be happy that every time one of our experienced arborists rappels down, they can clean up any limbs from last year’s storms or dead wood – this way it won’t end up on top of your house come wintertime. 

And even better? A yearly visit could save a tree in distress (or prevent future issues) by preserving its health so there are many more years where those shade-giving leaves will provide relief from heat waves and cool breezes when the sun beats down’.

To show your yard some love, you should consider trimming and pruning trees. Dead or dying limbs can cause breakage which could be devastating to the health of a tree! Aesthetic trees are important for transforming views from mediocre to magnificent – contact us today for a free onsite estimate.

All In Tree Service of Canton employs experienced, professional tree removal specialists who can help you clear your property. We offer a free estimate for all services!

All In Tree Service of Canton is the go-to experts in clearing land of obstacles so that we may prepare it for new construction or simply cleanup on our own property. From removing trees to underbrush, these professionals will get the job done right without any side effects such as damage to surrounding foliage or wildlife habitats—we’re protecting what’s important by using sustainable methods only when necessary and complying with local regulations at every turn. Give us a call today about how All In Tree Service of Canton could be beneficial for you!

Forestry mulching is an innovative way to clear land quickly and efficiently. A single machine cuts, grinds, and clears vegetation with the precision of a surgeon; leaving desirable trees untouched while also providing erosion control as well as fertilizer for new growth in its wake.

It’s one thing to cut down trees…the process is roughly the same for every yard, and tree can then be chopped, chipped, or hauled away, depending on the property owner’s desire.

It’s another thing entirely to remove a tree stump. While the trunk and branches can often be dispatched with minimal hardware (a chainsaw and a tree jack), the stump is help firmly in-ground by a deep root system, and the issues therein can be problematic ling after the tree itself is gone.

Did you know that root systems can continue to grow after a tree is removed? This can be a big problem if your stump is near a driveway or sidewalk. Did you know that tree stumps can house snakes, mice, rats and roaches underneath? Another problem of your trees are close to a home. Lastly, did you know that tree stumps can keep your yard from being safe? Many people trip over small stumps hidden beneath leaves, or accidentally run them over with their mowers, which ends up damaging the blades and deck.

Arborists are the backbone of tree care. They work with trees in some capacity, but what exactly do they do and if you need one? Read on to learn more about these invaluable experts!

Arborist is a profession that most people know at least something about because it’s such an important part of our environment as humans who live in close proximity to other living things – namely plants. 

Arborists have many responsibilities within their field, from planting new seedlings (much like farmers) or maintaining existing plantings around homes and businesses for growth purposes; pruning large branches so that wind doesn’t break them off onto power lines during stormy weather; identifying health problems early before disease spreads through entire groves…the list goes on! 

Arboriculture does not require certification, but hiring someone who has gone through the process will ensure you’re getting the best knowledge and experience to care for your trees. ISA Certification includes voluntary documentation of their knowledge as well as passing a comprehensive exam which makes them more qualified than those without it.

If you have trees, it’s always a good idea to know who to call if you ever need tree services. All In Tree Service of Canton has the certified arborist and experienced staff that can help with any or all of your needs for trees– from overgrown ones, diseased ones near power lines, new beautiful healthy one evaluation guidance removal dead/dying one too! Give them a call today for free estimate.

As much as we wish you could always predict life’s inconveniences – like when your property is going to be affected by a tree service emergency, but unfortunately the uncertainty of nature can sometimes throw us curve balls without warning. That’s why our team at All In Tree Service of Canton has been on call 24 hours a day for years and never fails to get back with an estimate in minutes no matter what type or size project you might need help with!

The best way to prepare for the unexpected is with a plan. For example, if you need emergency tree services and know that there are plenty of trees surrounding your house it’s worth getting them checked out annually as weather events happen frequently throughout any given year which can negatively impact these greenery features.

No one likes when they find themselves in an unpredictable situation but what we often forget is how much planning ahead goes into making sure those situations don’t become emergencies or inconveniences later on down the line

A huge storm came through and brought down many trees in our town. Luckily, we have a full team of tree experts to help get things back on track!

In the wake of natural disasters, we will always be there for you and your property. We are fully committed to getting back to normalcy as quickly as possible because that’s what our customers deserve! 

We understand the urgency and necessity to get back to normalcy as soon as possible. Our customers are our priority, which is why we will be there for them – day or night!


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ABOUT All In Tree Service Of Canton

Rudy, our owner, has been in the business of serving Cherokee and surrounding counties since before he founded All In Tree Service of Canton. He started work for his family’s construction company when he was still a teenager, familiarizing himself with all aspects of it including machinery and processes. In 2020 Rudy created All In Tree Service of Canton to fulfill the need for an affordable tree removal service that is locally based and highly efficient.

Rudy and his crew are the absolute best at what they do. They work hard to be reliable, trustworthy, and provide excellent service to everybody who comes their way! And with a large list of happy customers from all over Canton, including contracts for city projects! 

All In Tree Service of Canton is a locally owned family business operating out of Canton, Georgia! We are committed to providing safe tree service that will beautify your property while increasing safety. With over 15 years of climbing experience as well as expertise in arboriculture, we want you to rest assured knowing our professional opinion on the safest way for us to prune or remove your trees without compromising their health.

With our operation centered in Canton, we most frequently service the Cherokee County area. Surrounding counties are considered on an individual basis depending on the nature of problems and issues with those areas because they vary so much from one to another that it would be difficult for us not to focus more time on specific needs.

More About Our Services

Safety and beauty are the primary reasons that most people get trees removed. From hazardous trees that threaten a property to needing to add curb-appeal and functionality, tree removal is an essential service to property owners.

Unfortunately, too many tree removal companies don’t take you, the customer, into full consideration. They’re often more concerned about getting the job done fast, and not about getting it done right.

Every tree removal job is different, and every property requires its own specific considerations before work begins. There are a few best practices that your tree removal company ought to have in order to safely and thoroughly remove your trees.

From the safety of the crew to the safety of you, the primary consideration for a tree removal service to make ought to be “what could go wrong?” Understanding the softness of the ground, proximity to buildings and utilities, and weather conditions all have a part to play.

From your perspective, you’ll need to ensure your company is licensed and insured, and can be held liable for damages. There’s nothing worse than hiring a cut-rate tree service company only to have them say “sorry” and leave after destroying your property.

Proper safety considerations are in place to make sure that your person, your property, and our workers are fully equipped and protected so that when a tree removal job is done, you’re happy and satisfied.

Being able to see and assess every job before work begins means we’ll know exactly what you need from us to achieve a perfectly executed tree removal service. Most of the time, jobs are simple and don’t require much, but sometimes jobs are complicated by a number of factors and we want to be prepared for them.

Sometimes this means bringing extra equipment or people to complete a job, and sometimes it means preparing the surrounding area so that we can work safely.

Whatever the case, prepping ahead of time, and communicating the entirety of the need to you, will help us all have the right expectations for the work to come.

We’ve all been in a situation, either with a service contractor or at a retail store, where the professional working with us ended up making promises they could not keep.

Whether done intentionally or not, it doesn’t do much to build trust when the pro says one thing and does another. That’s a huge part of customer service, and it ought to be prioritized.

When we do an on-site estimate for tree removal in Cherokee County, we make sure we lay out all the little details so you know exactly what you’re getting into. We also tell you about any contingencies that are possible, so you’re not thrown off in case something unexpected comes up.

So much of tree removal, and tree service in general, can be attributed to the types and qualities of the machinery the company you hire uses. Cheap chainsaws and dull blades make for a longer, more expensive job done to lower quality standards.

When the tree removal company cuts corners on their equipment, they’re going to cut corners on your job as well. That’s why we use the highest-grade tree removal and stump grinding equipment.

We want to be out of your hair as soon as we can while still ensuring a clean job every time. We consider high-end tree cutting equipment to be an investment that pays us back in the form of customer satisfaction and repeat business.